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Not For Resale
See purchase information at bottom of page.

I designed the St. Joan of Arc Scroll Medal for our military women, men and their families.

This medal has gone world wide as Confirmation gifts, keep sakes for someone going through a difficult time or illness, to people who love Joan of Arc.

It is 1.5" high, in the shape of a scroll and is made with a durable metal with antique brass finish with a reinforced hoop. The unique design has Joan charging off a scroll with a Fleur de Lis behind her.

The medal comes with a linen note card telling the story of Joan and why the medal was made. On the front it has: "St. Joan of Arc" and "Be at my side." It can be worn with dog tags, on key chain or on a necklace. The back of the medal has room for an inscription!

Each Joan of Arc Scroll Medal comes in a custom envelope with this card:
The St. Joan of Arc Scroll Medal 2006-2010, is an original work of art made for our servicemen and women to wear on their dog tags and NOT for resale.

This medal is also for individuals who love St. Joan of Arc!

***Special Note***
50 and 100 packs only available to schools, churches, civic groups or organizations who are sending medals to military men and women.

To Purchase:

Individual medal $24.50
+ $5.00 shipping in continental US
+ 7.625% MN sales tax (if applicable)

For outside Continental US:
$9.75 for international shipping
$5.95 for Canadian shipping
Please place your order for 50 and 100 packs
and pay by check with group name on it.
If tax exempt, put your tax exempt number on the check.
50 pack $237.50 ($4.75 each)
+ $10.00 shipping/insurance
+ 7.625% MN sales tax (if applicable)
100 pack $460.00 ($4.60 each)
+ $25.00 shipping/insurance
+ 7.625% MN sales tax (if applicable)
(Weight is 10 lbs. Per 100) All medals are shipped via USPS in priority mail rate flat boxes.

If you prefer to send a check by mail, please print our ORDER FORM .
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